1.   Kim was very polite and she did a good job.  ~  Jasmine R. (1 hour massage)

2.   Kim's techniques were good and she could feel the knots to workout.  I left relaxed so a job done well.  ~  Joanna S.

(1 hour massage) 

3.   Very relaxing massage, very good pressure for what I was looking for.  Kept constant contact and gave a very good massage.  I will definitely be back and would be happy to have Kim massage me again. ~ Edward W.   (90 mins.)

4.   I look forward to Kim actually practicing her craft professionally.  She attempted to release very taunt muscles quickly, using a variety of techniques rarely demonstrated by a student.  I look forward to using her again.  ~ Lynne M (60 mins.)

5.  A little more pressure would be good.  Otherwise great. ~  Tommy K. (60 mins.)

6.  Kim was very pleasant and very gentle.  ~  Audrey S.  (60 mins.)

7.  Kim did a very good job.  It was a very relaxing 60 minutes.  I would definitely see Kim again or recommend her to friends and family.  Thank you.  ~  Lauren M. (60 mins.)

8.  Kim was an excellent massage therapist, and she has a lovely strong touch, just the way it should be.  When I return, she will be the person, that I will be registering with.  She knows her job!   Also, her way of working with you is just great! ~  Ann B. (60 mins.)

9.   Student did well.  A bit nervous.  Could use a little more pressure.  Overall, she did great!  Practice makes perfect.  Thanks Kim !  ~  Cathy E.  (90 mins.)

10.  I had a really nice massage.  I would appreciate more pressure next time.  The room temperature was too hot.  (Air Conditioner was broken).  ~  Alex H. (90 mins.)

11.  The student was very focused and used good techniques.  She made the effort to do a professional massage.  ~  Craig P. (60 mins.)

12.  I would suggest that Kim continue to work on deep tissue massage, and firmer pressure.  She started off well but got less and less.  Overall, it was a good massage, and I think Kim will be very good if she works on these few areas of  firmer pressure, deep tissue massage, and being confident, not feeling nervous/ being nervous.  Jon L.  (90 mins.)

13.  Don't be so nervous.  Every time you started to calm down, the massage was 10x better.  Your muscle stripping skills are really great;  Just be careful using it a lot during a relaxation massage.  Don't be afraid to slow down.  Slower feels better.  My mind races constantly so slower strokes starts to make me relax more.   Also, try using your whole hand, not just your fingertips or thumbs.   Jessica B.  Licensed Massage Therapist  (60 mins.)

14.  Very choppy, rushed, and quick.  Student felt very nervous with her touch throughout the massage, and the pressure was very varied throughout as well.  Student needs to work on her flow, slowing her speed.  Your massage feels very utilitarian and by-the-book.  ~  Brian,  EVCC's Spa Manager (60 mins.)   5-3-16  . . . [This is one of the first massages I did in the student spa clinic.  I was super nervous because the Manager of the Spa was my client.  I did listen to his remarks, and I have worked on all the points he made. ~  Kim}

. . . . The above comments were taken from clients during my Student Spa Time as a Student Massage Therapist during  the month of May 2016.  I graduated in The Medical Massage Therapy Program from EVCC (Eastern Virginia Career College) on June 19, 2016.    I have been working on deep tissue massage, firmer pressure; and on, confidence over being nervous since graduation.  I worked part-time as a Massage Therapist in Fredericksburg, VA. at LaVida Massage and Massage Elements of Hot Stones last year (Oct. 2016 - April 2017) after graduation from massage therapy school. 

12/19/15 . . . My first 60 minutes massage review as a student in School with my teacher, Brian T., as my client.
. . . .  Good confident greeting.  Good draping and work with the blanket.  More pressure during facial massage on cheek and temple muscles.  Firmer pressure overall would have been preferred but you didn't check in during the session.  You caught your rhythm on the massage on the back, and pressure increased; I don't know if that was confidence or nerves settling?   Need to be consistent with pressure.  Too much lotion, in some areas.  More pressure on feet when stripping out the bottom of the foot.  Felt like an all hand massage which is fine but you need to get comfortable using your other tools (elbows, knuckles, etc. . . ).  ~  Brian T.,    Massage Therapy Director & Teacher . . . . [I have worked on all these points over the past  year while in school & after graduating. ~  Kim]